# Lex # 4837


# Lex # 4837

Sway's [Wintertime] Flowerpot with Plant . Santa by Sway Dench @ Wanderlust

Petit Chat *PC* "NorthPole Train Set -by Trinity Yazimoto 

Petit Chat *PC* Wall Shooting Star Lights Set by Trinity Yazimoto @ I Heart the Cart - Wintertide (hunt prize iten 2L$ - Prizes are hiden into red Christmas hats)

Raindale - Sugardash collection by keiralans @ Santa Inc.

Raindale - Sugardash Christmas tray - mystery Item (inside the "Nice" box - Customers can get the first Mystery box upon spending 800L$ @event (any vendor) and the second one after spending 1500L$. The boxes are filled with amazing products from all participating  creators!) by keiralans @ Santa Inc.

Junk Food - Santa Cookie Jars by radiomodee & late.billig @ Anthem

Junk Food - Christmas Snacks by radiomodee & late.billig

[Krescendo] [Kres] Ceramic Tree by KrescendoStore @ MadPea Advent Calendar 

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