# Mili # 2761


# Mili # 2761 ■   Wall artSway's [Bondi] Driftwood Wall Art by Sway Dench (@ Whimsical)
9 to collect - no rare
Driftwood wall art with shells and sea stars / picture frame for your own picture-
2 Li each
■   Chair-dust bunny . lounging chair by lxlNoel (old gacha)
■   Cooler-{what next} Drinks Cooler  TRANS by Winter Thorn (old gacha)
■   Wind chime-BALACLAVA!! Wind Chime (Natural/Silver) by Uriah Eulenberg
■   Doormat-{what next} Hello There Doormat by Winter Thorn
■   Sneakers-Bazar Stockholm-Sneakers decor (female) by Ria Bazar
■   Sand-+Half-Deer+ Sandy Tracks - Sand Patch by Halogen Magic
■   Planter-Soy. Herisson with green (half covered) by Soyoy
■   Seagull-!Ohmai: Herring Gull by Anya Ohmai
■   Binoculars-Con. Coin Operated Binoculars - Silver by ValiantCo
■   House-L2 STUDIO Jamaica Beach House by Lindini2 Lane


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