# Mili # 2416


# Mili # 2416
❤Wicker Chair Good Mood * CHEZ MOI by nanda marjeta (@ Lost & Found
52 animations:
28 single poses (female and male)
24 couple poses (12x2)
Several wearable props 
Texture change options
Aphrodite "Living de Campo" Deco Mate Set by Jaylin Whitewood 
❤Sway's [Shutter] Notice Board . shabby by sway dench (@ Lost & Found
Shutter notice board with letters and cards, clothespins holder for pencils, keys and notes.
For 6 of you own pictures
wood version: 8 wood texture options 
shabby option: 8 shabby texture options
Sway's [Bunny] Vase by sway dench 
silhouette bunny holding a test tube vase with a single flower
2 bunny designs, 6 flower texture options (tintable white flower), 6 bunny color options
Sway's [Mia] Bench by sway dench 
Bench with 16 single and friends animations + 8 couple animations, for up to 3 avatars
3 pillow pattern, 5 wood texture options
❤Home Office Nob Hill (Adult) CHEZ MOI by nanda marjeta (@ Tres Chic
Fully interactive, room for 1-2 people
45 animations (PG) and 75 animations (Adult)
25 individual animations (female and male)
20 animations for couple (10x2)
30 sex animations (15x2) in Adult version
Several wearable props
Pouf: 24 female and male animations
Corkboard: drag and drop your favorite photos direct from your inventory
# Mili # 2416

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