#Lex# 595


#Lex # 595

Hair: [RA] Penny Hair {by candela.kira}*TYVM*
Hands and body: Slink {by Siddean Munro}
Skin:[DBF] Poppy skin and shape (honey) {by lutricia roux}*TYVM*
Lipstick: [DBF] Poppy SLINK Visage lipsticks Cotton Candy : Honey (wear) {by lutricia roux}@WEIB Special Sales Room ( coming soon : December)*TYVM*
Dress: {p} Princess Gown {by adelynnah resident} Cleavage  2years (coming soon: Dec 1st _ Jan 1st)*TYVM*
Necklace: GeWunjo : OLIVIA Necklace {by andy berenohn} Jewelry & Acessory Expo 2014    (coming soon on Dec 5th)*TYVM*

#Lex # 595

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