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reBourne proudly announces the release of the new SL home named

reBourne Prefabs Camden

For subscribers, it is on sale with a discount of 50%.
The sale started yesterday ( Sept 19th) and ends on Sept 22nd.

The story:

In Camden, London you will find this gorgeous converted factory build. 

Back in the previous century, this was a buzzing gacha factory on the canal's edge, providing jobs for the locals and helping the community to grow and thrive. 

As gachas were made illegal, the factory closed from one day to the next. Coats remained on hangers, paperwork strewn and un-filed. The factory became a dusty time machine, until the summer of 2022. 

Danny Bourne, (the son of an ex-factory worker) took it upon himself to restore the glory of the old building and create something spectacular from its bones. Danny spent months restoring the disintegrated masonry, treating the wooden joists and floor planks, converting the lift shaft into a beautiful entryway and sauna, and using metal from the abandoned gacha machines to repair the stairways and create orangery style windows to enjoy views of the Camden docks.

Keeping the rooms open and dynamic was the aim, creating a modern spacious feel but with a character that is so unique to the build wherever you look. Danny finished the building leaving a tribute to his hardworking father who would have loved to have seen how the build (where he spent many hours - for what in today's money is a wage close to slave labor creating gachas) became a home for another. As the keys are handed over, the legacy continues and Danny hopes you create many happy memories in this special place.

Basic info:

263 LI (ground version)
267 LI (skybox version)


Skybox and ground versions are BOTH included - choose which one to rez from the rezzer menu!

The house menu customizes your user experience with Camden.
The controller can be found near the converted lift shaft/ entrance hall

House menu options:

• window tint (off, 50%, 100%)
• lights:
sauna lights (on/off)
ambient house lights (night/day)
• steam (from the air ducts) (on/off)
• 6 wall options (plaster, old plaster, bricks painted, bricks grunge, bricks light, bricks dark)
• 2 loft floor options (wood light, wood dark)
• 5 living room floor options (wood light, wood old, wood dark, concrete, concrete grunge)
• 2 kitchen and gym floor options (concrete, concrete grunge)
• home controller access (owner, all, group)

For the skybox version only:
• skybox scenery resizer (30m, 45m, 64m) 
• Choose from 11 background scenes. Extra scene packs for the multi-scene skybox can be purchased at the reBourne Main Store. 
• remove scenery 
• sounds (swamp, thunderstorm, forest, magic, ocean, breeze, city, crickets, birds, none)


Sauna animations:

38 animations in total:
6 female single sits
6 male single sits
5 couples cuddles
12 teasing (foreplay)
5 hot (adult) with harder/softer control
4 hotter (adult) with harder/softer control

space for 4 avatars
with the latest BENTO animations with facial expressions. 
supports the ASA Physics Cock

Best viewing:

Camden is built with many of the latest graphics possibilities such as material use and projectors.

To get the most of your build, we recommend changing your graphic settings to include:
- shadows
- atmospheric shaders
- local lights
- bump mapping and shiny
- point lighting (full)
- max particle count 1000+
objects & sculpts LOD max

# Mili # 5932

# Mili # 5932

# Mili # 5932

# Mili # 5932

# Mili # 5932

# Mili # 5932

# Mili # 5932
■      BuildingreBourne Prefabs Camden


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