# Lex # 3210


# Lex # 3210

Rare skybox has land impact of 25, footprint is about 12x19 in default size, but you can manually resize it to bigger or smaller!
Hanging chair (in black colour): 4Li, 12 solo animations
Branches wall art (in gold colour): 5Li (2 mirrored pieces) 
Rest of the items are commons (10 to win)
* Grandfather clock scripted to show time, you can choose time zones, control sound and volume. Don't resize - it will break clock handles! If you need bigger/smaller version for a picture - remove scripts first!

  • Bee Designs Jeane Bedroom set  PG by Bee Caudron Shiny Shabby
  • LISP - Mesh - Portland Cosy Cottage Log Store by Lainy Voom
  • LISP - Mesh - Portland Fire Accessories by Lainy Voom
  • +Half-Deer+ Flutterby Deer Fauxidermy [Blush] by halogen.magic 
  • .:revival:. linen trunk set by Momentous
  • MishMish - Bunny Vintage Space Heater / Black by Aime Takaaki
  • +Half-Deer+ Beagle Puppy - Scratchy by halogen.magic
  • {what next} Natural Rug Collection by Winter Thorn

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