# Mili # Special Edition - Hair Fair Photo Contest & Make A Bandana


# Mili # Special Edition - Hair Fair Photo Contest & Make A Bandana
This years photo contest theme is ‘Whatever the Weather’. However you can show off your great hairstyles and give them a weather type look is what you need to show in your pictures.
Hair must be the focus of youy picture entry!
All contest entries are done by submitting your pictures to the Hair Fair Photo Contest 2016 Flickr Group pool.
If the photos you submit are not what the committee feels are in theme, they will not be added to the pool. If your images are not in the pool they do not count against your five entries, so you can try again. If you are confused about the theme, or if your images are in the pool or not (please allow 24 hours for this as we are all on different timezones) then please contact Sasy Scarborough or Whimsy Winx.
For info about the rules, sponsors and much more please check the Hair Fair Website.
# Mili # Special Edition - Hair Fair Photo Contest & Make A Bandana
Bandana Day in Second Life, started in 2007, It’s a day to encourage people from all over SL to remove their hair and wear bandanas decorated by Residents (not just hair creators!) grid wide.
The Bandana’s in this Kit have been created by Mel Vanbeeck ,and are not to be used for anything other than Bandana Day Bandanas.
The idea is to decorate the bandanas provided with either a texture (textures must not have images or logos of RL products or copyright material) prims/sculpts/mesh, or both (NO HAIR) and return it full perms to CharitySasy String – Perms will be changed to No Copy and sold Mod/Transfer as we do every year, so people can buy for others.
It' would be great if you create a notecard that explains why you have decorated the bandana, as many people have their own stories as to why they support this cause. You do not have to do this, it is just something to include in your bandanas box to share with the person that buys them.
All money from the sale of these bandanas will go to Wigs for Kids and will only be sold by the Hair Fair Committee at Hair Fair 2016. After the event the bandanas will be destroyed, so after Hair Fair there is no reason for you to keep these other than for personal wear, but we hope also that you will buy some for that.
You all have your own friends/fans/customers so putting your own logo/name/blog on the ad is recommended, that way customers will know at a glance whose bandanas they want to buy if they are limited to purchasing only a few.
you can add your logo to the bottom right hand corner of the template we provided in the kit.

Thank you, in advance, if you choose to participate. More info at Hair Fair Website.
# Mili # Special Edition - Hair Fair Photo Contest & Make A Bandana

For those who didn't see it, our official blog picture was made using a bandana from last year. We all here in Inventory Mess Blog have reasons to support this cause with all of our hearts and it will not be different in 2016.
And I want to keep this tradition - we'll make a new official picture for the blog using bandanas again :)

# Lex & Mili # - Bandana Day ♥

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