# Mili # 2486


# Mili # 2486 Sway's [Maya] Bench by Sway Dench (50L Fridays)
- wooden bench with 2 cushion, 6 texture options, 12 Single & Friends animations, 6 Couple animations - for up to 2 avatars
Sway's [Maya] Welcome Sign by Sway Dench (50L Fridays)
wooden sign hanging on a rope holding a jar filled with flowers
- 6 colors included / scripted and non scripted versions
Sway's [Pauline] Drawer shadow boxes by Sway Dench (@ Lost & Found)
Drawer shelf, all drawer have different knobs / handles with decoration (Books, plant, cups...) and empty
- 3 color versions included
Sway's [Tess] Kitchen Table Set by Sway Dench (@ Uber - coming soon on april 25th)
- Kitchen / Dining Table
- Chair with 16 animations
- Wall shelf board - empty and with decoration
- Planter with flowers
- Plates and Cups separately
- Table, Chairs and Shelf comes in 3 color versions
- Available as set and separately

Second Spaces - Cluttered House - unopened mail by Elle Kirshner (old gacha item)
LAQ Decor ~ Secretary Desk by Winter DiPrima
ROOST - Ironing Board by RoostHomes
{what next} Laundry Room Iron (touch for iron) by Winter Thorn
[Con.] Boneyard - Thermometer - Sunburst by ValiantCo
LISP - Mesh Blinds Narrow Long - Beech by Pandora Popstar
Second Spaces - Cluttered House - mismatched plastic containers by Elle Kirshner (old gacha item)
~BAZAR~Retro fridge by Ria Bazar
Sari-Sari - Kitchen Essentials - Fridge Station RARE by stupidmonkey (old gacha item)
{af} Chinese by warehousefifteendesigns
~BAZAR~Toronto-Kitchen by Ria Bazar
{what next}Toaster (mint) by Winter Thorn
PILOT - Round Woven Rug [Texture Change] by Kaz Nayar

♫ Listening to Titanium - David Guetta ft. Sia - Official Acoustic Music Video - Madilyn Bailey
✉ Location: Missing Mile
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